Monday, June 29, 2009

Lenny Dykstra Isn't Smart


Everyone associated with the Lenny Dykstra interview on HBO Sports from Spring 2008 should be ashamed of themselves. In case you don't know, up until recently, Lenny Dykstra (yes the former baseball player) has been building a name for himself in the business world. Unfortunately, the recession seems to have hit him pretty hard.

Watch this video first, the interview from 2008:

Then watch the one from this year. (Deadspin doesn't let you embed their videos)

A recap of my favorite part:
Goldberg: "What do you say to all those people who say once you were flying high, now you are flat broke?"
Dykstra: "I don't know, man." (pulls out $75 cash from his pocket)
Goldberg: "Ok, so you have $75 in your pocket, that doesn't make you rich."

And really, Cramer just can't win (see the first clip), what an idiot.


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